The Peasant Kings, by David W. Dellinger—a gripping story of love, ambition, loss and triumph—the largely untold story of the Germans who escaped poverty and oppression during the Great Migration of the 18th century.

Nowhere has this story been told with such clarity and detail. Meticulous historical research brings to life in an irresistible novel the mystery, drama, and adventure of the settling of America.

xvi, 397 p., hardcover, dust jacket; for Family Historians, 14 pp. endnotes, 15 pp. bibliography

ISBN 13: 978-0-9815608-0-9

 The Peasant Kings

by David W. Dellinger 

 Inspired by German records of the families of Oberacker, Germany, The Peasant Kings spins a tale about one family of Oberackers — the Dellingers. From the first appearance of a Dellinger in 1560, the novel traces the family forward, painting the background of a Europe in convulsions for 200 years.

 Between 1733 and 1750, the emigrant Dellingers, like thousands of other Germans, left their heritage behind for an unknown future in America. The story follows the paths of three brothers and a cousin as they take the Rhine River to Rotterdam, and sail to Philadelphia. After failing to find their fortune in Pennsylvania, the brothers move on, to the North Carolina frontier in 1752. As the colonies struggle for independence from Great Britain, immigrants who fled the European wars are swept up in the traumas of the Revolutionary War that destroyed friendships and families. 

 Although the many events of the periods described are accurately portrayed, the story has been enriched with fictional details to create a dynamic picture of our ancestors’ triumphs and the creation of a new country.  

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What the experts are saying:

--“[David has] obviously researched the details of dates, geographical locations, regional historical events, dialog and pronunciation very thoroughly.

The tale pulls the reader into the German and American cultures, the social issues and mores of the period, travel conditions, and the details of everyday life. The story rings imminently true.

[David brings] the characters and their stories to life again.”
George G. Morgan President, Aha! Seminars, Inc. Lecturer / Author

--“The author has taken us to a place where most of us may not know the history, but by interweaving the facts with probabilities and engaging characters, makes this story informative.”
Pamela J. Cooper Genealogy Lecturer / Member, FSGS Speakers Bureau

--“The narrative flows well, the people are believable. . .You’ve really done your
homework. . .

Jacob’s thoughts about America are worth several re-readings!
. . . I was dreading the ship’s voyage because so many versions are clichés. Instead, I enjoyed and appreciated every word about the journey. . .”
Kathy Gunter Sullivan Certified GenealogistSM / Author