St. John's
Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod
Conover, North Carolina


This is undoubtably one of the greatest Lutheran church histories ever written.
With incredible attention to detail, Mark Smith was a self-taught translator of pastor's notes.
The 400-page book is a tribute to each and every individual whose witness
"lifted high the cross of Christ" to the surrounding community.

A brief description of the book's table of contents and a copy of the introduction are provided here.

Chapter 1 - The Settlement
Chapter 2 - Early Circuit Riders
Chapter 3 - The First House of Worshhp
Chapter 4 - Call to the Henkels
Chapter 5 - The David Henkel Era
Chapter 6 - The Interim
Chapter 7 - Scandal and Schism
Chapter 8 - Sons of St. John's
Chapter 9 - Lutheran Higher Education
Chapter 10 - The Burnt District
Chapter 11 - The Horse and the House
Chapter 12 - The Ohio Synod Lutherans
Chapter 13 - Congregational Growth Amid Uncertainty
Chapter 14 - Survival and Revival
Chapter 15 - A Church of Our Own
Chapter 16 - Out of the Ashes
Chapter 17 - Send Now Prosperity
Chapter 18 - Continuing the Prosperity
Chapter 19 - More Than a Quarter of a Century of Prosperity
Chapter 20 - A Year of Transition
Chapter 21 - A New Beginning

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St. John's Lutheran Church
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