Shelby, NC native, Attie Bostick,
followed in the steps of Lottie Moon.

Read the inspiring letters of this
stalwart messenger of Christ.

Called to China: Attie Bostick's Life &
Missionary Letters from China: 1900-1943

Born in 1875, into a large farming family in rural North Carolina, Attie Bostick heard the call to mission work in China at age fourteen. Arriving in China during the Boxer rebellion in 1900, Attie coped with famines, floods, sickness, and death in a country plagued with revolutions, civil wars, and foreign invasions. She won many to Christ during her long career as a Baptist missionary from 1900-1943. In 1941, she was interned by the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Rebekah (Becky) Ellis Adams

A native of Shelby, NC, and a great-niece of Attie Bostick, Becky Adams, transcribed over 500 pages of Attie’s letters from China. She was baptized in the same church as Attie, Zoar Baptist Church. Becky worked as a United States Probation Officer for the Federal courts in Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia, from 1975 to 1999, when she and her family moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where she resides. She now conducts security clearance background investigations.

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