Setzer/Setser Genealogy

by John L. Setzer, Sr.

This genealogical history begins with Jacob Setzer who settled about 1752 in what is now Catawba County, NC, and concludes with his widely dispersed descendants who were born no later than 1970.

Known data on each individual includes dates and places of birth, marriage, and death, and burial place; and information sources. Similar information on spouses is included. The data included in this document is the result of more than 35 years of research.


  • The history is compiled in a dark green, cloth bound hard cover book

  • 7 inches wide x 10 inches long x 2 inches thick.

  • Book title is printed in gold foil on both the front cover and book spine.

  • The written text comprises 780 pages

  • Family indexes comprise 100 pages

  • Single column alphabetical index listing 14,800 names comprises 188 pages.

  • Among those listed are 3750 Setzers, 1100 Setsers, and 60 Sesters.

  • Those listed who bear the first Christian name John are 116 John Setzers and 45 John Setsers.

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