This page is dedicated to the guys who always believed
 that the U.S. Navy was their exclusive domain

On minesweeper duty in Bahrain are (L-R), Maile "Max" Maxey, EN2 (now EN1);
 Rachel (Chapman) Butler, MN3 (now MN1) a
nd Brittney (Minegar) Tone, QM2 (now QM1)


Here are a few of the many gals who have chosen to join the elite Mine Force


MNCM Tracey Hays, VP AOM

Vickie Lykens MN2

Sherry Reidel MN3

Sheree Stevens MN1

Shelley Henricksen MN2

Sandy Gardner MN2

Rebecca Diehl MN1

Ammie Faucett MNC

Alicia Hoog MN3

April Morehouse MN1

Jenna Smith MN3

Rachel Chapman MN1

Patricia Mitchell MNCS

Melissa Outman MN2

Melanie Crawford MN2

Cassandra Stout MN3

Marcie Ortiz MN3

Lindsey Wohlgemuth MN1

Leeann Baker MNCS

Wendy Sims MN1

Andrea Edwards MNCS

Maura Strange MN3

Becky Butler MN3

Elizabeth Jordan MN2

Haley Rickner MNSN

Laura Dierks MNCS

Amanda Hall MN2

Maria Sandoval MN3

Beth Sullivan MN3

Brandi Taylor MN2

Courtney Ruble MN3

Bonnie Sudman-MN1

Trina Hernandex-Villarreal-MN3

Stephanie Cowart-LT

Kimberly McGoldrick-MNC

Tanya Wark-MN3

Coral MacIntosh-LCDR

Deborah Ann Koch-MN3

Sandra Miller-MNSN

Madeline Liggett-MN1

Lori Fairsheets-MN3

Stacy Jackson-MN3

Codi Roberts-MN2

Theresa Phelps-MNSN

Susan Kreidler-MNSA

Kecia Nason MN1


Hats off to these lovely ladies who have accepted the challenge and who have foregone the "politically correct" title of "MINE LADIES." Congratulations on being MINEMEN. Welcome to the fleet and the exclusive fraternity of the MINE FORCE.

These photos are submissions made to the web site TogetherWeServed by each of the individuals and from biographies submitted to AOM.



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