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- Reunion 2013 Whidbey Island, WA info

- New photos of Charleston, 2009-12 courtesy of Mike Szostkiewicz

- Mine Conferences (1973-80) moved to Reunion page

- NWS Glen Douglas, Scotland

- NSA Mildenhall, England

- NOF Barbers Point, Hawaii

- Yorktown 'A' & 'B' Schools-1950s

- Shipmates here and there

- NOF Whidbey Island, Washington

- Wayne Evans page

- NAF Atsugi, Japan

- Yokosuka - Early 1950s

- TomTom Club-Olongapo, 1968

- Officers Quarters-Hawthorne, 1930-40

- Okinawa-1955-57

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- Looking for MNC Wallick (Ret.)  - Roger Kropf , Battle Creek, Ia  evaandroger@frontier.com

- I changed my email address. It is now: lewis32n@aol.com  Thanks, Norm Myers

- Looking for mineman shipmates 1976-81.
Former Mineman of the Year, Jack Cooley [undfted@aol.com]

- Looking for fellow classmates from Yorktown "A" school. Billy Rogers [Bllyrog@aol.com]

- Looking for information on Chief Minemen Robert M. Austin USN (Ret.)
If anyone has any information, please write to Sean at sean.austin61@yahoo.com
- Looking for information on Larry Carty, John Trott, John Valdez, John Harms, Mark Coburn, minemen late 70's early 80's, Colts Neck, NJ.   Jamie Kulp, [jamieklp@aol.com]
- I was assigned to HDU Point Loma after boot camp. Served there a year on a boat much like the L boat mentioned in this site. I would appreciate any information anyone might have on the unit in San Diego. It closed in 1959. Ted Hillis [tehillis@yahoo.com]

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