Scuttlebutt, War Stories and the Taffrail Log

[US Navy Photo #47029 - "spinning a Yarn" on board USS Enterprise, circa 1887]

Sailors are head and shoulders above all other military counterparts when
 it comes to documenting their experiences. Here are a few of them.

Because of the increased interest in sharing stories and experiences, this page has been reserved for those who have chosen to impart their thoughts, experiences and service-connected stories.

 Wooden Ships and Iron Men - My Navy vs. Today's Navy

 Bill Roberts

 YOKOSUKA: Through the eyes of a "reporter"

   SAGA magazine

 The Great Train Robbery

   Various contributors

 "Mike Boat" Misadventure

   Don Jones/Joe Beetar
 The Exploding Gas Bowser    Joe Beetar
 Horsing Around in Hawthorne    Freddy Reid
 Sinking the Japanese Navy    Derick Hartshorn

 The Mt. Fuji Experience

   Derick Hartshorn
The "Great Buddha" Takes a Trip    Derick Hartshorn

 Black Marketeers Take a Hit

   Derick Hartshorn
A Mineman's Recollections  of So. California Duty    Don Jones

 Mk 6 Miscues

   Don Jones

 Master Electricians in Long Beach

   Don Jones
Contact Mines 101 - Failure to Communicate    Don Jones

 Tales From West Loch

   Don Jones
 1965 TDY (Tough Duty) to Subic Bay    Don Jones
 Buddies Never Forgotten    Don Jones
 "The Monkeys Have No Tails in Zamboango"    Don Jones
 Operation Hardtack    Phil DeChene
 Strange Sicilian Pizza   Dave Grim

Stay tuned, there are many more in the pipeline!



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