The Exploding Gas Bowser

The subject of ineptness always pops up when the scuttlebutt rears its ugly head.
Again, Joe Beetar, on why they called Azuma Island, "Baka-shima (crazy island):

One day our two unnamed sailors (an MNC and an MN1) went on a special mission over the lunch hour. There was a leaking gas bowser awaiting repair, sitting next to the Mine Assembly building. The gasoline had been siphoned out of it and, instead of leaving the task to those whose job it was, our superheroes descended with torchwelder in hand.

I was cutting grass atop the magazine revetment directly across the street from the Mine Assembly building and watched the entire scenario unfold. They flipped their welder's masks down over their faces and the Chief lit the welding torch. While the MN1 watched dutifully, the Chief showed him how it's done. After about five minutes, the fumes and residual gasoline inside the bowser couldn't take any more and exploded.

In an environment of live underwater service weapons, loud noises are intolerable. When the hatch cover (which should have been opened) blew, I fell in place and covered the back of my head. After what seemed like a full minute, the cover hit the street near the Component Test building and wobbled around like a quarter dropped onto a tabletop. I stood up just in time to see the Officer-In-Charge come charging up the street from his office.




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