Strange Sicilian Pizza

Thanks to Dave Grim for this recollection

I remember my very first two weeks on base at Sigonella, We were "quarenteened" to NAV1, when not at duty station at Nav2. The first time we got off the base, of course we spoke NO Sicilian... we went across the road to a "Sicilian Pizza shop... Had No idea what the menu said, and I suppose the locals were having their fun with the Navy "greenhorns". We ordered a Pizza with everything.... safe choice, well usualy. It came out with a crust, precious little tomato sauce and...Peas, beans and corn! No, meats, cheese or anything we were used to! It looked sickening, we ate it anyway!

We had to stand Main Gate duty along with local Cabineri, it realy was good as even though they seemed to speak little American, they often left local papers and magazines. We soon learned that we could (for the most part) read Sicilian or Italian, when it was in print form.... That was our only introduction to the local language!

Yes, I too, have some great (to me, anyway) stories to tell....






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