Buddies Never Forgotten


Berry L. Cannon

Former Mineman, good friend, and Aquanaut Berry L. Cannon (1935-1969) in the foreground. Died in a diving accident in over 600 ft. of sea water near SEALAB-II, off CA coast. Supposedly, a CO2 scrubber was not installed in his dive-rig. One MNCS was forced to retire because of the tragic accident. A book titled, "Death of an Aquanaut' described the accident and its aftermath. The SEALAB projects were canceled after Cannon's death. One of the original astronauts, Scott Carpenter, was involved with the SEALAB projects.
I first met Cannon at NSMW, Yorktown, VA, where we worked out at the weight room and swam laps in the pool. We were later transferred to NAD, Hawthorne, NV, where we were on the boxing team. They say his widow never remarried and still lives near Panama City, FL. Former Mineman Don Risk sent me an informative letter about the accident and the photo from Reno, Nevada.


My best buddy, Jim Box (1935-1993)


MNSN Jim "Bebop" Box took a Navy ship to Hong Kong for only $35 roundtrip. While there on R&R, he bought three fitted cashmere jackets at $16 each. One was white, one red, & one blue. One night in a small Washington town, I watched Bebop get the stuffing beat out of him by an ill-tempered lumberjack. Blood stains didn't go well with "his white sport coat" from Hong Kong.
Mainly because of his V-shaped face, Box thought he looked like the comic book character the Sub-Mariner. I didn't remember the Sub-Mariner having red hair & beaucoup freckles, but I let it pass.

Don Jones, MNCM, USN (Retired)




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