Submarine - self propelled


♦ Mk 27

♦ Mk 49

Mk 49 is a submarine-laid ground mine designed postwar to match the operational versatility of contemporary aircraft-laid mines (particularly Mk 25) at a lower cost than the earlier Mk 27. It was first tested in 1951. Although no longer in U.S. service, Mk 49 was exported to Allied navies, some of which probably still use it. Versions: Mod 0 (magnetic induction with arming delay and ship counter), Mod 1 (LF acoustic with ship counter, arming delay, and sensitivity set automatically by sensed water depth), and Mod 2 (combination magnetic and pressure). Dimensions: 20.8 x 94.9 in (1880 lb, including 1100 lb of HBX; Mod 2 is 1840 lb, including 1100 lb of HBX). These mines were later modified, lengthened to 120 in (Mod 0, 2000 lb; Mod 1, 1890 lb, including 1180 lb of HBX-3; Mod 2, 1960 lb, including 1180 lb of HBX). Mods 0 and 1 can be planted in up to 200 ft (they can function in 16 ft). Recommended depth for Mod 2 is 30-100 ft (it can tolerate 20-150 ft). Recommended spacing: 200 ft on hard bottom., 150 on mud (Mods 0 and 1); 300 ft for Mod 2.



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