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I left Yorktown in 1949 on the Gen. A.E. Anderson, a 4000 troop transport (and they said they didn't know we were going to have a war with Korea) There were about 15 of us Yorktown grads. aboard that ship that was the whole compliment except for the crew.  They kept us chipping paint all the way to Frisco.  After TI we were put aboard the Gen. Daniel I. Sultan, another troop transport. We were put in with 900 army soldiers which were 80% African Americans.  One Army Sgt. attempted suicide.  They found him when they saw blood rolling across the deck.  He was taken off in Seattle, our last stop before Japan.  There was so much vomit all over the upper and lower decks that the ships Captain had to ream out the army captain to clean it up.  When we got to Yokosuka, Japan, our first job was to work at the Ordnance depot, loading and unloading ammo for the ships in the harbor.  This lasted three months. Then we were sent to Azuma Island except for a few of us who were assigned to the mine sweepers. The only one I remember that went to the mine sweepers was a guy named Jack Diamond.  

Charles Tabor, armed and dangerous!


Here we are doing the night-life scene. The time hadn't come for civvies yet.
The Japanese hadn't get discovered what chairs and tall tables were for.

(L-R) Thompson (the guy who struck his cigarette lighter in a magazine), Butler and Tabor

Tabor buys a round of drinks at the Nansyu Club

Tabor and Dixie Howell trolling for the ladies!


Trolling for the ladies works with the right bait!

Ladies can't resist a "baby face."

Gosh, I wonder what this sweetie is doing now?




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