Chin Sing, Jr.

Chin Sing at base housing

Chin with Azuma buddy, Wayne Evans (12-13-08)


How many remember Chin Sing from Azuma? Probably one of the earliest of the "Azuma-jin." He remembered the "Great Train Hijacking" which occurred about the time I arrived NavOrdFac-Yokosuka.


Chin Sing at Admiral's Inspection
Admiral's Inspection-Azuma
(L to R) LT Don DeCrona, CWO Steve Scharshan,
 two CPO's  from Torpedo Division, MNC Chin Sing

Chin with Nigrito Chief (P.I.)



Going back a few years....

Charles Tabor (L) and Chin Sing, Jr. (1952 or '53)
Bob Benintende LCDR, in chair.

Chin writes:

It really is a small world. I lived in Cambridge, Mass. from 1 year old to 19 years old when I joined the Navy. Well, Tabor comes from Connecticut. I first met him in 1952 in Yokosuka. We talked and I told him my folks had a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge. Tabor said he liked Chinese food and use to go to a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge at Central Square.Well can you believe it. That's my folks restaurant he use to go to.

Chin Sing MN1, watching the planes land
Yankee Station, off Vietnam, 1967 on USS Bennington (CVS-20)

After an all nighter on the beaches of Hawaii, our whites were pretty dirty.
Peffley MN3 and Sing MN1 are washing their white uniforms at the Waimea falls.
While the cloths were hung up and drying, we went skinny dipping.
Lots of fun until the tourists arrived.

What a great tribute to the Mine Force. Two buddies have a personal get-together after over 55 years.
Chin writes:

These are two old minemen, Wayne Evens and Chin Sing enjoying a Chinese lunch here in southern California. Wayne bought the lunch and we both reminisced about old times. We served together at North Island and Azuma Island way back in the early part of the 1950s.
Together, we hitch-hiked a flight out of Travis AFB back to Japan. As the story goes, Wayne and I were stuck at Travis for several days trying to hitch a ride to Japan.  While waiting at the terminal we met Raymond Burr who was passing through, going to do a USO show in Japan. As it happened, I had previously met Mr. Burr in Hollywood and he remembered me.  During a little chit chat about us trying to get a flight to Japan, Mr. Burr talked to the CO of the AFB in Japan and Wayne and I were on the next flight out.   Nice story huh?  


Chin recently sent me an e-mail I'd like to share. He writes:

  "I'm  77 years old come July, 2008.  Joined the Navy in 1950. Was first at Whidbey Island and Atsugi than to Yokosuka in '52 to '55. I came back and served there from '57 to 59, again, from 65 to 67.

I knew Notgrass and his wife very well.  He use to do the dirty boogy at all the mineman parties. l also knew Tapscot, Fraley and the rest of the train thieves. I worked in 61A, with Foster, Avonray, Jurick and Bash. Worked in mechanism repair under Homer Kocker. Worked in Mine Assembly with Hutchison, also Butler-3 component testing. I was in the utility shop for a while trying to run the mike boats, but failed miserably. I made MN3, MN2, MN1 and MNC in Yokosuka.

Other duty station were, San Diego-North Island, Subic Bay Philippines, Long Beach Cal. , USS Bennington CVS-20 in the special weapons 101. Retired in 1970 at Long Beach Naval station under CWO-4 Sharschan. Bought a house here in southern Cal. Went to work in Special Services in Long Beach as maintenance supervisor and retired there as Facilities Manager. Went to work at Xerox Corp in Costa Mesa Cal as electronic tech and left after two years as supervisor. For the last 18 years or so, I have been in the landscaping field and now all I do is cut lawns. I am still working a few hours a day just to keep limbered up. Don't plan on going to the east coast for the reunion. I have been to a couple here on the west coast. For the last 15 years wife and I take a little vacation every two months and head for sin city. That's our get-a-way fun time. We are both very healthy and life is good. Take care Hartshorn, there aren't too many of us old timers left.


Farmer Sing tending his crop of sunflowers

The hat still fits!
Once a chief, always a chief!


Chin Sing and Wayne Evans manage to get together all the time.
 Here they are at the Katella Deli in Los Alamitos


Chin Sing and Wayne Evans-same place
with added guest, Glenn Hartshorn




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