William A. Roberts

Bill Roberts, raw recruit

Bill Roberts, seasoned retiree


After graduation, Naval School of Mine Warfare, Yorktown, VA, 1951
(L to R: MNSA Kelly, MNSN Madson, MNSN William A. Roberts)
Kelly and Madson went to the Naval Mine Depot.
I was ordered to the Naval Ammo Depot. Hawthorne, Nevada.

NSMW Yorktown VA
(L to R: back row: MN2 Caruthers, MN2 Brown (UDT), MN1 Paul Henry, MN1 William A. Roberts, German Petty Officer,
front row: MN2 Dougan, MN2 E.Oldenberg, MN2 Linus Weed, 3 German Petty Officers, MN2 Bing Hajnal)

One of the elite bars in Yokosuka, ca 1956
L to R. "Ski," Sam Severson, Wm A. Roberts, Mac.


Ship's party at Club Alliance, Yokosuka, Japan ca 1957
L to R: MN3 Clark & Wife, torpedoman ?, Harold McGary & wife Rose, MN1 William A. Roberts.


Inside Main Gate at US Naval Support Activities
L to R: ?, MN2 William A. Roberts, MN3 Ben Benson,

MN1 William A. Roberts, Japan, ca 1957
The old front entry dry suit (what a pain!)


Diving at Azuma Island Japan, 1957
(L to R: MN3 Golden, MN1 William A. Roberts, MN3 Sharkey)
Sharkey & Golden were great swimmers

Time for all good enlisted men to enter the world of the Mustang



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