Harmon Ross Maddocks


Master Chief Mineman Ross Maddocks

Ross Maddocks, USN (Ret.)

Mineman Master Chief Harmon R. Maddocks enlisted in the United States Navy at Portland, Maine on 28 October 1956 as a seaman recruit.

 After recruit training at Bainbridge, Maryland served with the following units:

- NTC Bainbridge, MD Nov 1956-Dec 1956
- Mineman “A” School, Yorktown, VA, Dec 1956-Jul 1957
- NAS Whidbey Island, WA, Jul 1957-Oct 1958
- NAS Barbers Point, HI, Oct 1958-Dec 1959
- Naval Weapons Training Center Pacific, San Diego, CA, Dec 1959-Mar 1960
- USS Kearsarge (CVS-33), Mar 1960- Jan 1961
- Mine Craft Support Unit, Charleston, SC, Jan 1961-Aug 1963
- Mobile Mine Assembly Team 0322, Charleston, SC, Aug 1963-Oct 1966
- Naval Ordnance Facility, Yokosuka, Japan, Oct 1966-Nov 1967
- Naval School Mine Warfare, Charleston, SC, Nov 1967-Oct 1968
- U.S. Naval Magazine Subic Bay, Philippines, Oct 1968-Nov 1969
- Naval Inshore Operational Training Center, Vallejo, CA, Nov 1969-Apr 1970
- Commander River Patrol Flotilla Five (River Division 671) Vietnam, Apr 1970-0ct 1970
- Chief Naval Advisory Group, MAC V Vietnam, Oct 1970- Apr 1971
- Mobile Mine Assembly Unit, Atlantic, Charleston, SC Apr 1971-Aug 1973
- Mobile Mine Assembly Group, Charleston, SC, Aug 1973-Mar 1974
- Fleet Mine Warfare Training Center (Instructor), Charleston, SC, Mar 1974- May 1977
- Mobile Mine Assembly Group Unit 8, Guam, Marianas Islands, May 1977 - Apr 1979
- Mobile Mine Assembly Group Det 4, Glen Douglas, UK, Apr 1979-Apr 1982
- Mobile Mine Assembly Group Det 1, Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA, Apr 1982-Mar 1984
- Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine, Mar 1984-May 1986, where he retired.
- He now resides in Boothbay, Maine, his home of birth.



MN1 Harmon R. Maddocks receives the first of two
 Bronze Stars.  Presentation by LCDR Harold Elston





Almost ran out of sleeve for the hash marks


Ross gets Silver Star Award from the State of Maine. Ross, Jr. and Kathleen stand by a brave father and husband.


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