Jorgen Strange Lorenzen
CDR, Royal Danish Navy (Retired)

My Naval Career


JL-00 Jorgen S. Lorenzen (far right) at Danish Navy Diving School

Off to the States and US Naval Mine Warfare School - 1951-52

JL-01 NSMW Graduating Class, Jan. 1951. Jorgen in khakies, on right. Two Danish compatriots, left


JL-10 Town of Lee Hall.

JL-11 An old house on way to Yorktown.

Arriving by train at Lee Hall, I hoped that the school in Yorktown wouldn't be representative of the house along the way.


JL-02 Marching to class.

JL-03 Control mine classrooms


JL-08 My barracks at Yorktown.

JL-09 Mk 6 junk yard


JL-06 The ferry from Newport News to Norfolk-a thirty minute trip.


JL-07 My friends on the fery. (L-R) McCarthy, my Mk 25 mine instructor, me, and fellow Danes,
 Lt. Commander Petersen and Hartvig. Note the restroom, behind, for "whites."


JL-04 Minesweeper training, rigging streaming gear.

JL-05 Setting the paravanes on board AMS-24


USS Linnet (AMS-24)


1957-My visit to America


[All photos courtesy of CDR Jorgen Strange Lorenzen]



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