John "Frenchy" Lemieux


FL-15 - MN1 John (Frenchy") Lemieux awarded the "Golden Cock" for duties above and beyond the call to duty. HMS Neptune, Royal Navy Base, Scotland, while on deployment with MOMAG Glen Douglas, September 1977.
 (Disclosure of reason for award is still classified information.)


John Frenchy Lemieux MN3, reinlistment, 26 Aug 1965 - (L to R) Lemieux, LT Fisher, CDR Hayes, CDR Stephens Polaros Missile Facility, Goose Creek, SC (Trying to make a MT out of me)


L-R John J. Sbei, Frenchy Lemieux MN3, Jim ___, Civ., Kent Kleckner
 MN2, Frank Hauser, MT -Missle Facility, Goose Creek, SC, 1965

 MOMAG Det 4, Glen Douglas, Scotland - Standing: Bailey MN3,
Rousevely Wyatt MNC, ENS Burton, Lemieux MN1, Tunstall MNSN, unk?
Front Row--I forgot the names. Can anyone help?


Frenchy presenting Mineman of the Year Award at The Oaks County Club, Goose Creek, SC 197?


Naval Mag-Subic 1970-71 Front row, Unk?, Unk? Linner MN1,
 Lemieux MN2, Raymond Lacey MN2, Unk?, CO J. O. Bess


The Oaks County Club 1970s - L-R unk?, Frenchy, Frank Strunk



Derick S. Hartshorn - 2014