Larry Johansen

This is me, Larry Johansen, at
Barracks "J" Yokosuka (L), 1952

This is me and my lovely wife,
 Phyllis, taken August, 2008



Here I am with my buddies on Azuma, ca 1952. I'm on the top row, right


The handsome devil in the middle, top row, that's me.

Dock at Azuma, looking toward Utilities

Dock, looking toward channel and Stock Control


photo by Derick S. Hartshorn
Club Alliance, 1957

Formerly, Club Alliance, the EM Club
What ever happened to the 25 Lucky Lager?

Sailors like me would never recognize the throughway that goes past the main gate at FAC, Yokusuka.

Larry had this to say:

"You have to be a lot younger than I am. (actually, Larry, I'm only about five years younger than you.)  I went to Yorktown in 1952 and Azuma Island from 1952 -1955.   I'm sure you have all the pictures I could contribute, but I'll send you a few.   When I was at Yokosuka, Minemen were housed in barracks "J." Later in '55 they moved to barracks A."  
[Note: I'd bet my life that Larry knew Chin Sing and worked along side him]

[all photos by Larry Johansen, except as noted]


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