Wayne Evans

Wayne, Evans, MN2 (1954)

Wayne Evans, civilian (2009)

Wayne Evans recently sent me some pictures of his memories on Azuma.
Along with them, I'd like to share his cordial letter with the rest of his shipmates:

Hi Derick,
My name is Wayne "Tex" Evans. I was a Mineman from 1951 to 1957. Here is my class picture from July 1951 at USNSMW Yorktown, VA.

Upon graduation, I (and about 15 classmates) sailed to Yokohama, Japan on the USNS Nelson W. Walker.

USNS General Nelson M. Walker (T-AP-125)

[Photo courtesy of Wayne Evans]
Early 1952 - (L-R) Wayne Evans, Tommy Thomas,
Sasebo-first assignment after 'A' School

We were assigned to Yokosuka (Azuma Shima) Barracks M. About February 1952, a few of us (George Angst, Larry Doyle, Tommy Thomas and "Frenchie" Bouchard) were suddenly sent to Sasebo, Japan. We stayed a few months (no mine shop) and suddenly reassigned back to Yokosuka Azuma Shima, to new Barracks J. I stayed until December 22, 1953.


Azuma Island, November, 1952 (L-R) Tommy Thomas, Larry Doyle, Richard Grogg, George Angst


Azuma Island, Dec. 1953, during a rare snow (L-R) Wayne Evans, MN3,
Tommy Thomas, MN3, Larry Doyle, MN3,  George Angst, MN3

During this time, there were so many "stories" that it would take a book to fill.
1. The electric train "hi-jacking" (different from the version in AOM) I am aware of most the details.
2. The "missing" fire truck from Azuma.
3. The car that "drowned" in the channel.
4. The Yorktown National Park cannon incident of 7/4/51.
5. The Mikimoto Pearl Farms near Sasebo.
6. Being in the movie, "The Bridges of Toko-Ri".

"Mike" boat headed back to base from Azuma - Nov. 1952

Most of the wonderful pictures by Charles "Chuck" Tabor were taken while I was there and they really convey the conditions at Yokosuka and Azuma Shima. Such memories!

Casual dress applies! Unloading from Japanese barge - May, 1952

Unloading fuel drums, dockside, Azuma  - November, 1952

In January 1954,1 was briefly assigned to Long Beach, California then was transferred to North Island NAS, San Diego, CA. While there, I reconnected with Chin Sing (from Azuma). We worked a few months and we were able to connive a transfer back to Yokosuka, Japan.

Chin was assigned back to Azuma but I was given a special assignment to Atsugi NAS. I was the only Mineman at the base for about 6 months and was given some TAD assignments until a Mine Shop was created on the base. I was promoted to MN2 and the Mine Shop was transferred from Atsugi NAS to FASRON 120 (on the same Atsugi base^but different command). I was discharged on February 25, 1957.
I returned to my hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas and attended TCU for one year. Then I moved to Los Angeles, CA (my birth place). I received my BA degree and MS degree (using Gl bill) from California State University. I was a Police Officer and a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County for about 4 years. I then spent 28 years at Los Angeles County Probation Department, retiring in 1993 as Director.
I found AOL in November 2008 along with your wonderful website of "Mineman Memories".

I have reunited a few times with Chin Sing, Jr. for lunch. You have posted our pictures together.

(See these great photos on Chin Sing's page)

I see that Gerald "Chip" Chipman from the "A" Class of 1951 retired as MNC about 1970. I also see where several of my classmates are no longer with us, George Harris MN3, (2/05), Jerry Ireland, (3/83), Roger Janke LCDR, (1992), J. Jones, Ralph Laux, (5/76), Bill Merchant, (1995). Also, friends John Radke and John Tapscott have moved on up. My "old" friend William "Suds" Honnicker MN1 too. We had two experiences in Sasebo and I'll share these with you at the reunion in San Diego in October 2009. It's good to see my old Azuma buddies, Chuck Tabor, Don Welch and Jake Jurak seem to still be around.
Wayne Evans - Arcadia, CA
Phone: 626-536-4949
Email: ewaq32@sbcqlobal.net

And now, 50 years later, Minemen have a chance to renew friendships

Chin Sing, Donald Welch and Wayne Evans gather again, more than 50 years later.

Chin Sing and Wayne Evans manage to get together all the time.
 Here they are at the Katella Deli in Los Alamitos

My good friend and "classmate from 'A' School (7-51), Gerald "Chip" Chipman. We served on Azuma 1951-54. We had a mini-reunion in San Diego on 13 Oct 2012


Judge George Preston (my Azuma buddy) and wife Veronica, Wayne and Taye
 Kajiwara at the Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona, Sept. 2012

Gerald "Chip" Chipman and his new bride, Keiko.
San Diego, 13 October 2012.


Gerald "Chip" Chipman, Chin Sing, Wayne Evans and Harold "Mac" McGarry at the LA Radisson 31 May 2013. Chip sprung for dinner afterwards.



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