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Phil Beckwith-Bootcamp-1955

Phil Beckwith-1974-retirement

Phil Beckwith-2000

MN2 Phil Beckwith
Oppama Boat Dock
Back to Azuma for a second tour

"Just sign right here, son!"
Lt. Stryker at re-up table
MOMAT 0327 NWS Yorktown, VA in 65


It sure was good to hook up with Phil after 50 years. We have maintained a steady correspondence
since we first discovered that we were still holding true to the great Navy memories we shared.

Darn Speedy it is good to chat with you. Are you familiar with the MINEMAN website? Or if that does not work, Google search for Association of Mineman. Lots of info.

I remembered the 1st class cook but you brought his name back, Don't know if I should thank you or not:-)). I worked in the bakery part of the mess hall during my stint at mess cooking and the 2nd class cook/baker liked butterscotch pies. So did I so he always made one for us.

So we were in the same class? I thought so. Most are gone now. The web site above is pretty darn good and has a lot of info and has several pages of listings and status. Bobby JC Notgrass has disappeared along with Palmer. At least no one has been able to find them even using One would think the name Notgrass would be easy to track down but no luck. At least none of the listings are his. Palmer, to common but if I remember correctly he was from California so again no way to find him. I have a picture some place that I will send you. If you can identify the guy next to me it would be appreciated I believe it is either Palmer or MacGuire/McQuire. It was taken by my mom at my home but no one put names down.,

I retired in June of 74, live in Wyoming married twice, 2 of my own and one adopted One is a Lt. Col. USMC a Mustang officer with eight years enlisted a F 18 pilot. He has done well. He plans to retire next spring with 26 years. But he is due for Full Colonel at the same time and he will wait to see what happens. He is on the Admirals staff in San Diego and he is back at Norfolk, VA, The Pentagon and Quantico doing Marine business this week.

He had two tours in Iraq and was the CO and Operations officer of the USN and USMC troops in Pakistan doing the earth quake relief a couple of years ago. He got to meet both Bush's and Slick Willie and attended a STATE DINNER with Bush, the first lady, Condi Rice and a few more along with the host, President Muscahariff of Pakistan. The dinner took place at the Palace and Mick my son said it was beautiful.

Speedy, I have done my best to list everyone I have ever served with at the locations served. If you can help it would be appreciated as there are three of us attempting to write a history book of the MN rate. Anything you can do to complete your listing or provide info would be appreciated. Names, approximate dates, duty stations, etc., would be helpful. Of course some details need not be put down but can be talked about in private :-)). Send it to me and I will forward the info to the historian. Jim McDonough also has several photos from MN A at Yorktown with people we cannot identify, see what you can do there. Let him know and me also if you don't mind.

We don't get too many "Atta-boys" so here's one for Phil


15 August 1968

Dear Mr. Beckwith,

I have just finished reading your RUDMINDE serial 137-68 regarding the employment of standardized check-off sheets for mine assembly. It is a sound common-sense idea, and I agree with it. I want you to know that I appreciate your thought and your effort. Now it is up to me to try to carry it on, and I want you to understand that this is not necessarily a quick and straightforward thing to do. As you know, NMEF is a naval facility which receives its money and manpower authorizations from the Naval Ordnance Systems Command. At this time we have more tasks for NMEF to perform than we can find or man them for. As a result, some good and necessary things don’t get done. However, we will examine the NMEF workload to see if some scheduled work of lesser importance can be deferred and your idea implemented.

I don’t know whether or not your activity received a copy of his letter, but RADM Bird, COMINPAC, also endorses your idea.
We get a lot of screwball ideas from a lot of people. Once in a while we get a good one. Yours is a good one, and I want you to know that it is appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Don E. Hihn, Captain, US Navy
Director, Mine Warfare Division, ORD 053


Phil and fellow passenger - 2008


Phil and the Wyoming Tetons - August, 2010
"The Tetons are about 40-50 miles away as the crow flies. I am at about 9000 feet elevation
on the Togwotee Pass overlook on US 26/287 east of Grand Teton National Park."



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