John Bartleson

John Bartleson-1975, upon commissioning


"Bart" at Yorktown-1955
"Just step back and nobody gets hurt"


Oh those memories of Boot Camp. Best buddies at Great Lakes.
In January, 1955--might as well have been at the North Pole.




John Bartleson, Yorktown-1955. This has to be the coolest dude around!


Party at Yorktown. Could this be at Nick's Seafood Pavillion?
[Can anyone supply the names?]


Where are all the chicks?
(L-R) Bart, DeNayer and Otto Smith-Liberty in D.C., February, 1955


Key West, 2nd Greatest Naval Duty Station
(Yokosuka, Japan has to be the all-time best)

Harold Hudson, Bart, puttin' meat on the table

George Steer, John Bartleson, gettin' a tan


This is the old WW I German mine technology we liberated after the war.
Submarine-launched dip-needle mines were technologically ahead of their time.



Dockside, Key West. Possibly USS Bushnell (AS-15) and 2 unidentified Tench-class subs.


Sweepers at dockside, USS Brant (AMS-43) (right) and possibly USS Fulmar (AMS-47)


Many thanks to John Bartleson for these great photos.




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