Minemen Around the World

NWS Glen Douglas, Scotland

Mobile Mine Assembly Group Det  4



[DDM-13] MN1 Patrick L. Reagan congratulated by LT DeCrona on 11 August 1965.


[DDM-14] MN1 James A. Manning signs up for another four years by LT DeCrona, 3 August 1965.


[DDM-15] MN3 Roland D.Van Wey re-enlists for another four year tour, 15 September 1965.


[DDM-17] MN2 George L. Stansell congratulated on re-enlistment by LT DeCrona, 18 November 1965.  


[DDM-16] MN2 Eugene F. Hall congratulated by LT DeCrona
 for his re-enlistment for 6 years, 15 September 1965 


[DDM-18] Three Minemen take the oath of re-enlistment from LT DeCrona on 23 December 1965.

[All photos courtesy of Don DeCrona]

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