Minemen Around the World

MOMAG Det Six - Souda Bay, Crete

July-Nov 1977, & Jun-Sep 1978


Crete is the largest of the Greek islands with a population of 650,000 people. The Cretan people have repeatedly exhibited their love for freedom by extensively supporting the Allied Forces during World Wars I and II, and now in the Global War on Terrorism. The City of Chania has a population of 65,000 people, is full of history and is rich in civil and social culture dating back over 4,000 years. Annually, the Island of Crete is a popular destination for millions of tourists seeking to experience its rich Mediterranean culture, historic civilization, warm hospitality and to sample the world's healthiest cuisine, sunny weather and awesome beaches.

[GK-01] Main gate - Souda Bay

[GK-02] Entrance to Base


[GK-03] Mine Assembly Mk 56s and parapacks

[GK-04] Mk 55s ready to go


[GK-05] Let's go back to work!
MNC Steen; extreme right/closest = YN2 Fauber

[GK-06] Curious lady checking disassembly


[GK-07] Mine buildings

[GK-08] Mk 55s & 56s ready for nose assembly


[GK-09] Quick Strike on dolly

[GK10] Mk 56 on dolly


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