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Drill Mine Prep Facility - Long Beach, California


Photo courtesy of Bud Gotshall
Taken about 1960
Back row, Chief Short, <?>, Ralph Rhuland MN2, A.C. "Charlie" Wright MN2, Bill Savoy MN1,
 Cobin MN1, <?>, <?>,<?>, John Muessig MNSN?, <?>, Jack Stevens MN3?, <?>, <?>.
Front Row, <?>, <?>, <?>, Al Kirkwood,<?>, Relowsky MNSN, <?>, <?>, <?>, Walter Kibe MN3, <?>, <?>

Note from Phil Beckwith: "Names that may fit or were missing from photo. Myself,Phil Beckwith MN2 probably TAD to a Mine Sweeper as I rode the USS Energy MSO-436 a couple of times or transferred in route to Subic. Bud Gotshall MN1 probably off shooting at a pistol match, Harry Gotke MNC, Stickney MNC, Paul Henry MN1,  Ireland MNCM LCPO, ENS Bill Cherry OIC , Bruce Studebaker MN3, Sal Carvajal MN3.

Around the time of this photo the TV series Sea Hunt was being or had been filmed partially in the shop. LLoyd Bridges was the main actor. Drill Mine Preparation Facility COMINPAC supplied the mines used for props. A TV series with Jackie Coogan as a Navy doctor and a great looking woman as his nurse was partially filmed here. I believe only one scene was shot. Also some super smart engineers from BUORD {?} had a test weapon set up called SUBROC in the shop for a short period. Something to do with programming the guidance system for targeting. Top hush hush.


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