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FL-15 - MN1 John (Frenchy") Lemieux awarded the "Golden Cock" for duties above and beyond the call to duty. HMS Neptune, Royal Navy Base, Scotland, while on deployment with MOMAG Glen Douglas, September 1977.
 (Disclosure of reason for award is still classified information.)

FL-09 - 1968 'B' School graduation, Charleston, SC. (L to R) MNC Bob Stark, MN2 Ross Maddocks, MN2 Barry Shurilla, MN2 John 'Frenchy') Lemieux, MN2 Charles Wright, MN2 Raymond Lacey, MNC Richard Woodson.

 FL-02 - MN1 Fred Cline at NavMag Subic Bay, 1969-71



FL-06 -  MN1 Harmon 'Ross' Maddocks about 1971

FL-07 - MN2 Barry Shurilla and wife at Subic, 1969-71


FL-04 -  MN1 Bobby Notgrass and MN1 Jim Brannon at
 their off-base housing, Olongapo City, P.I., ca 1969-71

FL-08 -  MN1 Linner, downing a cool one
 on the beach at Subic Bay, ca 1969-71


FL-11 -  MN1 Edmund "Ed" Szczutkowski  at Glen Douglas,
 Scotland, Detachment Lima, 1971

FL-10 -  Ross Maddocks with "imported washboard," Vietnam.
Where are those 'house boys' when you need them?


FL-05 -  MN1 Jim Brannon (incognito) and MN2 "Juice
 Steedly at Olangapo City, about 1969-71

FL-03 -  MN1 Steve Howard and
 MN1 Fred Teator at Charleston, SC, 1970's


FL-01 -  Former AOM President,
MN1 Bob Hart at Subic Bay, 1969-71

FL-14 -  LT Joe Hernandez and wife at Subic Bay, 1969-71

FL-13 - CWO-3 Sam English at Det. Lima, Glen Douglas,
 Scotland,  4th of July, 1971, Catching the warm rays
 on the bonnie shores of Loch Lomand

FL-12 -  MN3 Clay Coe, Det. Lima, Glen Douglas,
 Scotland, Summer, 1971. And you thought buffers
 were  only for indoors?

These photos courtesy of John "Frenchy" Lemieux.

[Photo courtesy of Bob O'Neil]
Shore leave 1955 Hong Kong. Bob McNeal (left) and (?) Johnson.

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