Main Gate, NAF Atsugi

[Photo courtesy of Richard Martin]
1956 - L-R Front Row Ralph Ruhland (LCDR Ret.), B. Studebaker, D. Rhodes, Buck Feldman (MN2 Ret.), (Now deceased), Gordon Stanley (MN1 Ret.), (now deceased), Richard Martin (LT Ret.), OinC, Alvin Putman (CWO Ret.) (Now deceased), L-R Second Row ? Genoung (May be misspelled).Standing behind D. Rhodes,?Coble ( Standing behind Feldman, Joe Gallager, ? Gregory (With kid on shoulder), L.L. Jones (MNC Ret.) (Now deceased), Standing behind CWO Putman, MNSN? standing behind my right shoulder, J.J. Ireland (MNCS) (LT Ret.) (Now deceased), C.D. Graham (MNC Ret.)


[Photo courtesy of Richard Martin]
1956 - (Front, L-R) Richard Martin (Retired Lt), Fred Larger, Bob Hart (Retired Chief)
(Back) Earl Oldenburg (Retired Chief), Pat J. Carroll (Retired CWO)

[Photos courtesy of Wayne Evans]"
MN3 Robert Anderson, MN2 Wayne Evans. Taken on deck of SS President Wilson in Yokohama while on a cruise with Anderson's parents, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Anderson. Bob and I were stationed at Atsugi from 1954-56.


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