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Agana, Guam


U. S. Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam - Mine Detail Augmenting Unit (MDAU) 0305

During the months of February and March 1957, MDAU 0305 deployed to the U. S. Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam for the purpose of evaluating the capability of the MDAU to deploy on a short notice and to be able to assemble, test, and load into available aircraft mines for planting under various conditions.
MDAU 0305 was attached the U. S. Naval Air Station, San Diego, California, Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron 110 (FASRON 110), Mine and AUW Division.

Before deploying to Guam we spent some time in
 San Diego at the Sierra Mission - October, 1955.

[DDG-04] (L to R) DeCarlo, Hollomon, DeCrona

[DDG-06] Hollomon, Browne, DeCarlo

[DDG-10] Browne

[DDG-14] The man himself, Don DeCrona

[DDG-08] Hollomon

[DDG-12]  DeCarlo


[DDG-15] Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam

[DDG-18] Bishop, Bemis

[DDG-20] Bemis, DeCrona

[DDG-22] DeCrona repairing taillight

[DDG-24] Mine shop building


[All photos courtesy of Don DeCrona]


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