YOKOSUKA: The Base part 1

Through these gates pass the Pride of the 7th Fleet


Panorama of the base, weather station/communications on hill.

Notice the Japanese Koryu midget submarine, just inside the gate.
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Headquarters Support Activity-Fleet Activities-in front of our barracks


This is where we lived.

Barracks on second deck, mess hall on first.

This ladder was sometime difficult to navigate at night!

Larry "Joe" Johansen and  Mrs. Johansen between "J" and "M" barracks


Behind the barracks is a beautiful Japanese Garden.
We had time to reflect here because all first-timers had two weeks of "cultural
orientation" before being allowed on liberty. Here is John Hughes "reflecting."

Two views of the base hospital

PX building with Nagaura Bay in background

Ship building ways, Azuma Island in background
On these ways were constructed the WW II Japanese battleships, Mutsu and Hiei; the aircraft carriers Shokaku and Akagi, both at Pearl Harbor, Amagi, Chiyoda, Shokaku, Unryu and Yamashiro; the cruisers Takao, Myoko, Haguro, Suzuya, Tenryu, Yubari and others.

[HV-07 - Photo courtesy of Henry Villwock]
1958-Villwock & Rebbetoy at FAY boat pool.

[HV-08 - Photo courtesy of Henry Villwock]
1958 - Boat pool - Swabbing the deck..


[HV-10 - Photo courtesy of Henry Villwock]
 Looking down on FAY boat pool with USS Helena (CA-75) - 1958

Photos courtesy of John Hughes unless otherwise designated




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