NOF Whidbey Island, Washington


Doug Guy shared several boxes of slides with me. They all go back to 1956-58. Here are the ones from Whidbey.

[DG-04] Foster (yellow bathing suit), Jim Box (arm raised), ??, Maddox (plaid shirt), ??

[DG-02] Ray Cobis

[DG-01] Orr


[DG-05] (L-R) ??, Ray Cobis

[DG-06] (L-R) Duncan, Knight, Orr on picnic table


[DG-07] Ross Maddocks (looking back), Joe Petit

[DG-08] (L-R) Ross Maddocks, ??, Richard Knight, Bo Bellamy


[DG-10] Jim Box, left, Foster (bathing suit, the rest unknown

[DG-11] Dougan (right, other guy unknown)



[DG-12] Ron Ferry with his young'n

[DG-14] (L-R) Bellamy, Duncan, Orr and Knight


[DG-13] (L-R] Ross Maddocks, Bo Bellamy, K.M. Bass


[Photo courtesy of Bob O'Neal]
When we weren't having fun, we worked on these Mk 25s


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