Dedication Ceremony for Martin Hall
Mine Warfare Training Center, San Diego, California

Plaque of dedication at the entryway to Martin Hall


LT Cecil Martin, USN (Ret.), then MN1, distinguished himself in Vietnam and was recognized for an act of bravery which took place on 21 November 1968. LT Martin exemplifies the Navy code of bravery and dedication and for his actions, he was awarded the Navy Cross and the Bronze Star. Minemen over the years speak his name in reverent tones, hoping they might serve in a manner that best reflects the actions that were almost second nature to Cecil Martin.

Over the years, Cecil has suffered the debilities that Vietnam servicemen often experience. Cecil was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. A fighter, he has exercised his positive attitude to achieve yet another victory. At the present time, Cecil is dedicated to beating this “inconvenience” and getting back to his love of fishing and its challenges.

Some strategic challenges facing the 21st century Navy have resulted in the consolidation of Mine Warfare and ASW units. The closing of the facilities in Ingleside, Texas and the establishment of the newly consolidated units at U. S. Naval Facility at Point Loma, San Diego, are a part of this long-range strategic plan.

At this newly-established facility in San Diego is the Mine Warfare Training Center. Having previously established a standard of excellence in Charleston, SC, and previously, at the original facility in Yorktown, VA, San Diego will become the focus of the US Navy Mine Force.

In order to prepare a new generation of minemen for the critical role of national defense, a School of Naval Mine Warfare has been constructed at Point Loma. The dedication of this edifice was made on 12 March 2010. In keeping with naval tradition, ships and facilities are named for those who are held in the highest esteem. The new Mine Warfare Training Center is named for our compatriot, LT Cecil H. Martin.

LT Cecil Martin, USN (Ret.) stands proudly in front of the plaque bearing his name.


The Mine Warfare Training Center, Martin Hall, is unveiled


LT Cecil Martin, USN (Ret.) addresses ceremony attendees.


LT Martin stands beside CDR Joseph Darlak, new CO of the school.


LT Martin is joined by RADM Roy F. Hoffmafn, USN (Ret.)


No celebration is complete without a cake.


CDR Darlak, LT Martin and RADM Hoffmann cut the cake. Warren Savage observes.


Pride is best enjoyed when shared with family. Cecil Martin and wife, Kazuko Martin
Cecil is wearing the Bosun's Pipe lanyard and pipe presented by
former PBR Captain and MNCM Ross Maddocks and wife Kathleen .


Commissioning of the Mine Warfare Training Center


[all photos courtesy of LT Cecil H. Martin, USN (Ret.) except as noted]

His great personal valor in the face of heavy and sustained enemy fire was
 in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Services.

[Admiral Douglas C. Plate as he presented the Navy Cross to Mineman First Class,
 Cecil H. Martin in Ceremony at Naval Schools, Mine Warfare, Charleston, SC]



[All photos courtesy of LT Cecil H. Martin, USN (Ret.) except as noted]

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