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Liberty in Washington, DC

Ben Garfield and James Welch at the US capitol, 1952

Photo courtesy of John Asmussen

"The Discovery of America" by Luigi Persico, 1836
On south cheek block, east central steps, United States Capitol, removed from the Capitol in 1958.
Photo courtesy of Columbia University, Art History & Archaeology Database

Here's a collector's item!
Don't look for this statue in Washington today-it ain't there. I tried to find it and wasn't able--and neither was the curator of Washington memorials. Why? It was removed from the capitol in 1958, probably due to the politically sensitive issue that native Americans have with their arch-enemy, Christopher Columbus, as seen here.

Doug Guy photos of Washington, DC Liberty

DG-531  Doug Guy and John Hughs- Lincoln Memorial-1956

DG-530 John Hughs, Washington, DC 1956


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