Remembrance of the good old times

by Phil Beckwith

The photos on this page were taken by me on the 17th of Sept 2011. It has been 50-51 years since my tour there. The new expressway from Manila to Clark to Subic is built to our standards but under constant maintenance. The speed limit was 100 KMPH and strictly enforced. I left the Freeway at San Fernando and got back on about 12 miles out of Subic. The old road is still a mess and a lot of fun to drive. The Military-run check point is gone. The historical markers from the Death March are still there and being maintained pretty good. The drive out from Manila took about 2 hours and driving in the PI is an experience since just about anything and everything is on the highways.

My memory was foggy and the rain was hell. I could not get the best photos but any NavMag sailor should recognize the places.

Upon arrival at the main gate to NavMag I stopped outside the gate to take a photo but it was raining so hard I could not get out to take one. I went out to Subic on the next to last day of a typhoon. When the guards, two male and one female learned I was there 50 years ago I was more or less given the run of the place with no escort. They must of asked me 50 questions about NavMag and I could not answer many of them. It has been 19 years since we gave everything back, 19 years of apparent neglect.

The jungle is coming back with banana trees, vines and coconut trees lining the roads. No Rock Apes/Monkeys seen nor did I see any snakes. The magazines I observed are open to the weather and a few were converted to homes. The metal doors were missing apparently removed, stolen {?} and sold as scrap. NO electricity or water to them though. A large animal zoo {appears to be abandoned} has been built out towards the Ammo Pier along with a resort at the pier.

The road to Morong is now open and the road thru NavMag is called the Corregidor Highway. I was going to return to Manila on this route but the weather was just too bad.

Inside the gate with Maintenance and Transportation  on the
 right. Area is fenced off, Sign says NO ADMITTANCE
 Hazardous materials waste area.

More of Maintenance and Transportation



More of Maintenance and Transportation

Looking at the gate from Maintenance and Transportation



Admin, the CO's office etc. Buildings to the left had the
armory and are falling down. All the buildings in the areas
we worked are going back into the jungle, or have a green
slime on them., There is a business in the Admin building
 (environmental) but no maintenance.

Far end of Admin, a building new to me. Currently vacant.



First of four photos of Supply and Component test.
 The pistol range next to the fence has been totally
 reclaimed by the jungle. I dumped a few rounds into
 the ground there. Sold my Ruger to John Harrison.

More Supply and Component test



More Supply and Component test

More Supply and Component test

Supply and CT. No jungle growth in the fenced area but the buildings are run down and have the green slime on them. There was a security guard inside the fence. He would not speak. When the "give back" took place FedEx opened an ASIAN distribution facility on the old air strip. It closed because of thievery. The Carrier pier was converted to handle container ships. Four huge cranes and support facilities were built . No ships at the pier, not just the contents of containers disappeared the containers disappeared, facilities are sort of kept up but in a limited use if any use status. A shame. The supply depot with all of  its huge paved storage yards was empty. There were no ships at the piers and only a rusty hulk in the bay. A international motor speedway was built over part of the Air station and one race was held.

This may be the fire station. I don't know

Same thing. Where the doors went, I don't have a clue.


Entrance to what was Mine Assembly in 60-61, now a Philippine
 Police Training Academy Area sign over the gate. A second
 gate is inside to the left. The facilities appears to be abandoned.
 Just before you get to the Mine Assembly gate on the big curve
 to the right there is a new building. It was new to me. Asphalt
 hill and all the roads in the Magazine are well maintained.

Another view of Mine Assembly. The upper building is covered
 with vines/green slime and the jungle is really taking over
 as you can see by the fence. Ed Caffery MN1 and Billy C.
 Owen MNCS (both deceased) were in charge of
 Mine Assembly at the time  





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