[Photo courtesy of Robert N. Hart]

1ST. Row: L to R: MN2 R.C. Clayton, MN2 W.L. Kingrey, MN3 E.J. Segrue, MN2 B.L. Bishop, MN2 E.D. Caffrey, MNC L.M. Bodisch, MN2 W.L. Carlsen, MN2 C.L. Hughes, MN3 N.M. Sivertsen, MN3 P.R. Lindsey, 3 J.T. Bullinger

2nd. Row: L to R: MNSN G.W. Oxendine, MNSN A. Hatfield, MN3 A.H. Stoudt,  MNSN R.A. Pilot, MN3, F.J. Hirgstetter, MN2, B.B. Lafferty, MNSN L.R. Ross, MNSN D.A. Beaverson, MNSN M.R. Rioux

3rd. Row: L to R: MNSN J.R. Goodwin, MNSN R.C. Detrick, MNSN R.N. Hart, MNSN, C.E. Wright, MNSN E.W. Evans, MNSN A.K.N. Jensen, MNSN R.D. Green, MNSN R.L. Cupp, MNSN C.W. Mitchell


[Photograph courtesy of Don DeCrona [DDM-19]
Yorktown, 5 March 1964 MOMAT 0321 command picture
Missing: LTJG DeCrona, MNCS, Robert Walker, and nine other
 Minemen  deployed to Mildenhall from 24 January to 10 July 1965
[Assistance solicited in identifying these individuals]


Crew - 1964

(1) John Koeber, LT (dec.), (2) Cliff Bartyzal, MNC, (3) ?, MNSN, (4) ?, MNSN, (5) Malcolm Strandberg, MN3, (6) Hamrick, MN3, (7) ___ Todd, MNSN, (8) William Nix, MN2, (9) "Juice" Steedly, MN2, (10) Julius Raymond (Ray) Cobis, MNC, (11) ?, (12) James Elmore, (13) Walter Kiser, (14) ?, (15) Roy Griffin, MN2, (16) Ron Walsh, MN2, (17) Phil Beckwith, (18) R.J. McKinnon, MN2, (19) Willey Ray Sturgill --- [or James Elmore, per PB], (19) Walter "Walt" Sechman, (20) Richard "Dick" Henderliter, MN2, (21) Robert Carden, MN1 --- [or Robert Nunn per TH], (22) ?, (23) Joco DiGiacomo  (24) Roy Allen ? --- [or G.A. Sevier, MN3 per PB], (25) Otto G. Smith, MN1, (26) Ron Wilkins [Is Ed Bennett in back row??]

ID by: JE=John Epps, PB=Phil Beckwith, CM=Cecil Martin, TH=Toby Horn BP=Barry Payne, DS=Dick Schommer

Help identify these guys!

I have added numbers to try and take the difficulty of identifying these guys.
A couple have been identified as two different individuals.
Try and put a name to the faces and correct me if I'm wrong.

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S018] - Mine Depot Baseball Team

(1st row L to R) SKC S. L. Meigs,  coach; LCDR D. J. Johns, Manager;  (2nd row ) R. A. Pilot, R.S. Whitten, J. Welch, M. H. Warren, J.  Lung, J. Holmes, ,F. "Red" Dominick, R. Alvardo-Melare, (3rd row) J. Patrick, R. Burns, R. W. Hurles, R. L. Smith,  J. M. Lynch, J. W.  Dungee, R. Holmes (4th row) J. Chitwood, J. T. Bullinger, R. Garris, P. Puskas, G. L. Heckman.


The guys and their "Old Ladies"

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-15]-Kelley and wife at the NMD apartments
Cook Terrace Annex.(1952 or 53 )

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-11]-Jim and Cathy Burgess. They were living
 in the apartments at the Depot (1952 )


[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-17]-Roger Freeman on the left, Dale "Moose" Wheelock on the right.
Taken in Moose's apartment at NMD, Yorktown Va. (1952 or 53)


[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
]S-10]-Fred Snead at the BOQ
 helping polish John Pontings Buick
(both deceased)




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