AZUMA: The Island - part 2

A little more of the same - These are from Doug Guy who took these in June, 1957

[DG-134] Mine Div. sign and guard shack

[DG-135] Carpenter, Deroun & Coursey on Mike boat

[DG-139] Japanese BCPs and crew outbound to Azuma


[DG-131] Boat landings and offices

[DG-138] Crew debarking from "Mike boat"


[DG-124] Butler 7 with 1948 Dodge "mule"

[DG-133] Mine Assembly


[DG-123] Bunk house for weekend duty holders

[DG-132] Reventments and magazines


[DG-122] Hammerhead crane next to Mk 27 shop


[DG-127] Guard shack

[DG-137] Non-Mag test building


[DG-140]  Mobile Bay City crane dockside


[DG-128] Mine Assembly, freighter in channel, looking toward Tokyo Bay

[DG-130] Butler buildings looking east




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