Pearl Harbor - 1953 - 1996

These photos are courtesy of John Asmussen, unless otherwise noted.

Please help us identify any of the folks you recognize.


P-009 - After I returned to Guam after mine school. We hauled JATO bottles down to the PBM's. They were rotating back to the states from Korea. I was stationed at NAS-Agana. This is at Apra Harbor.

P-003 - Beach party near the sub base-1954 (Willie Sutton w/inner tube)


P-008 - Dave Massey on left. Who's the other guy?


P-001 - Friesen, getting cleaned-just out of the dip tank.

P-001a - Friesen, washing off that nasty crud.

P-002 -  (L-R) Friesen, John Asmussen, others not known.

P-002a - This is AFTER getting cleaned up!

P-004 - After we made rate they dunked us in the dip vat  filled with green
 dye and oil. This was at the mine and torpedo shop. November, 1953.

P-006 - Submarine Base 4th of July parade 1954.

P-005 - LT.  E.W. Cross our division officer, 4th of July parade 1954.

P-007 - Shore Patrol - (L-R) Fred West, Bill Roberts
[Thanks to Ron O'Brien and Bill Roberts for the ID]


From the pages of PATROL
The Newsletter of the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base

2 October 1954

15 May 1954

Photo courtesy of Bob Gill
NAD, Lualuawai, West Loch, Oahu - November, 1970 - Advancement

Front Row, L-R: ?CPO, ?GM3, ?HN3, ?SK3, ?, MN3 John Notch, ?, MN3 Reep?, ?
Middle Row: MN3 Paul Carlson, MN3 Farrugia?, MN3 Gary Domson, MN3 Bob
Gill, Gariffa, ?, ?
Top Row: ?, ?, MN2 Ross Green, ?PO2, MN2 Mink, ?, ?

 Can anyone help with the others?

Photo courtesy of Phil Beckwith

NAD, Lualuawai, West Loch, Oahu - 1 June 1971 - Advancement

From left: (TMC/GMC?), MNC Phil Beckwith, MN1 Edgar "Hollywood" Danielson, MN1 Jack Stevens, YN2 Brian Gariffa?, MN2 Jeff Jones, MN2 Earnest Pinke
Back row: (?),James Howlett MN3 , George Thomas MN2, (?), (?)

 Can anyone help with the others?


[photo courtesy of Tom Herwer]
West Loch 1951/52 - "It's San Miguel Time"
(L-R) Elsie Herwer, wife of MNC John Herwer, Vince, VP of San Miguel Brewery, Lyal Stryker, unknown.

MOMAG DET 7 in Hawaii (1996 Mine Site Excellence Award)
L-R: MNCS Dwayne "Beans" Baldwin, MN1 Morrison, MN3 Sorenson, YN1 Pedro,
 MN2 Ward, MN2 Bob Dunbar, MN2 Childers, MN1 Brian Allston, MNSN Adsit,
 MN2 Miller, MN2 LaVake, MN2 Smith, MNSN Faile, CWO4 Riggins.
 (Thanks to "Beans" Baldwin for the IDs)


[photo courtesy of Tom Hoffman]

If the caption/name is missing and you think you know who any of these men are, please write to me and identify the photo number.



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