Barbers Point - 1950-57

Please help us identify any unidentified folks you recognize.

[photo is courtesy of Jim Hawks.]
JH-01  VP-4 Ordinance gang at Barbers Point, November 1950

(Front Row, L-R) LT Lynn, Gunner Dutcher, AOC Kidwell, AOC Willaby, ?unknown?, SN Parson, ?unk AO3, MNSN J.B. Allen, MN3 Jim Hawks, MNSN Jim Segesser, AO3 Ken Kown, ?unk AOAN?, ?unk AOAN?, AOC Drack.
(Back Row, L-R) AOC Smith, AO2 Purvis, AO2 Wilkerson, MN2 Hutcheson, AO2 Bozarth, AO1 D. LaSage, AO3 Bills, MN2 Van Doual, AO3 Neeley, AO2 Tomlinson, MN1 Sosevic, MNSN Decker, MN2 Sprecker, ?unk AO1?, ?unk AOC?, ?unk LTjg? [Sosevic, Hawks, Allen, Segesser and Decker were VP-4 ship's company. Gunner Dutcher, Hutcheson, Van Doual, Sprecker, Wilkerson, AOC T.B. O'Brian (not pictured) were attached to VP-4 for administration matters.


[The following four photos courtesy of Bob O'Neal]


(L-R) Hill MN3, Robert (Bob) McNeal MN1 and Keen MN2, 1956


Old trusty Mk 25 - MDAU 0302, Barber's Point, 1956
Barber's Point, 1956 - Can anyone name these guys?

Bob O'Neal and family ready to leave for Memphis.
Bob changed rate to AV and retired in 1974 as AVCM

[The following four photos courtesy of Larry Muldoon]

Larry Muldoon (old Mine Shop sign) 1957-MDAU0302 attached to FASron 117

Larry Muldoon (new Mine Shop sign) 1957?


Paul Dibble and Larry Muldoon at Makaha Beach

Larry Johnson, Ken Lamar and Larry Muldoon

If the caption/name is missing and you think you know who any of these men are, please write to me and identify the photo number.



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