Class 'A' Naval School of Mine Warfare
Yorktown, Virginia - 1956

Korean Hall and School Buildings-NSMW

Jim McDonough about to take the plunge.
[photo courtesy of Phil Beckwith]

Jim McDonough, pumping iron
[photo courtesy of Phil Beckwith]

Contact Mine Lab-NSMW

Depth charge class room-NSMW


Weight room-Jim McDonough, center
Richard Curtis Knight, left
[photo courtesy of Phil Beckwith]

Jim McDonough writing home-NSMW
[photo courtesy of Phil Beckwith]

Mess hall and class room labs-NSMW

Mk 39 air-dropped influence mine
(The scourge of Haiphong harbor)

WWI German contact mine

[photo courtesy of John Hughes]
Yorktown NSMW Class 6-56
Front: John Hughes, Moorehouse, Gingher, Hansford Cooper
 and Bond. Back: Lange, Sewell, Guy, Coble.

[photo courtesy of John Hughes]
(L to R) Hansford Cooper, John Hughes, Willie Sewell and Doug Guy

Here is a synopsis of our weekend together:
In November 2008, we had a mini-reunion here in Phoenix of a few guys from our Yorktown class that were all assigned to Yokosuka.  Namely, Doug Guy, Willie Sewell, Hansford Cooper, and myself.  I met each of the three flights as they arrived on Friday, and then we had dinner together at their hotel on Friday evening.  On Saturday, we started off with breakfast at the 5 & Diner, and then we had a conference room all to ourselves at the hotel, as we shared photos, memorabilia, reminiscences, reflections, etc., and also I had about 150 slides that I showed from our time at Azuma/Yokosuka. In the evening, we had dinner out on the town, followed by checking out the weekly classic car show at one of the shopping centers.  Sunday, we had brunch at Marie Callendar's, (joined by my wife and daughter and several of my grandkids) followed by a sight-seeing/shopping trip to Carefree and Cave Creek.  It was a great weekend!  We would like to find more of the '56 to '58 Azuma guys, and have a bigger get-together in 2010. 



[photos by DS Hartshorn unless otherwise indicated.]




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