Yorktown "A" & "B" Schools NSMW

The 1950's


[Photo courtesy of Jorgen Strange Lorenzen, top right in picture]
Naval School of Mine Warfare graduating class, Yorktown, VA, January, 1951
Three members of the Royal Danish Navy are represented (in khaki-far right is Lorenzen). Back row left Gean Doyle,
 Bill Petifilis,  Back row third from right, Joe Hernandiez, fourth, Fred Brosnahan (deceased), front row left, Workman,
 third from left, Bob Chambles (deceased), 5th from the right: Jerry Johns third from right end Gilroy, back row seventh from
 left end, Bill Hullinger (deceased). [Thanks to Bill Roberts for the IDs.]

[Photo courtesy of John Asmussen]


Photo courtesy of Don Jones
Jan/Feb 1954 NSMW  'A' School class
Front row, L-R: Diptola, Mischler, __?__, McLaughlin, A.B. Hinman; Back rows, L-R: Donald Jones, Jim Dodd, Don West, Loren Lee, Vernon Perry, Joe Crognale, Joe Gallagher, Etheridge(?), Ralph Padgett, Severence, Klinger and "Soup" Jessen.

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S014] Gene Marks - early 1951

Photo courtesy of George Preston]
[GP22] Tommy J. Crader of Mermentau, La., 1951


[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-009] - Gillespie , Jim Spencer and Jim Burgess

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-005] -(L-R) Ray Cobis , Keith Purdy and Ray Graham

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
[S-004] (L-R) John Ponting and Ray Graham 

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
Naval School of Mine Warfare-Mine Lab - Old trusty Mark 6

[Photo courtesy of George Preston]

[GP-104] George Preston by USS Robin (AMS-53), 1952

[Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer]
Keith Purdy - spring of 1951


Photo courtesy of John Asmussen
Yorktown battle field (L to R) John Asmussen, (?), (?), James Welch, about 1952

[Photograph courtesy of Ed Oyer]
[OY09]  Naval School of Mine Warfare-'B' School, Feb-Jun 1955
(Standing) Chuhay, Leach, Hogge, McGaw, Bowman, Chin Sing,
Fowler, Michals. (Kneeling) Scott, Oyer, Gauer, ?,  Bariker, Alonzo

Yorktown "B" School NSMW

[Photo courtesy of Bob O'Neal]      

Tall guy in back row is Bob O'Neal MN3 who finished 2nd to Bill Cherry (far right bottom row). Next him is Bill Case. Second row up far right is Woodard. 2nd in from the left is Hammond. Front row, left is Tom Daniels. I believe the Chief's are from left to right, Freitas, Herwer.

[Note: The names on the back of the photo, as best as I can read them are: "Robert L. Hernstron, Bill "Buster" Cherry, William J. Little, Russell "Heap" Herndon, Edward A. Gard, Bill Case, Floyd Jennings, Jim F. Harrison, Oscar Lyman Woodard, Jr., Richard D. Hammond, Buck Dionne, "Moon" Mooney, J.D.M. Frietas, J. J. Herwer, B.A. Hoyle, Ben Gay Futrill, William K. Roark, Burton G. Godshall, T. Samuel. Can anyone place the pix with the names?

If you can identify anyone in these photos, please contact me.



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