35th AOM Reunion - 2009
Early Birds - Friday the 16th

[JL-115] A great place to meet and renew friendships-the pool outside the Hospitality Room at the Handlery Hotel



[DH-19] Ed Segesser and Paul Horton arrive early on Friday

[DH-18] Don DeCrona clowns with Jim Miller

[DH-04] Toby Horn gets serious

[DH-2] After a long time.... Judge George Preston and Wayne Evans recall the old times

[JL-13] Gary Cleland watches Ron Glasen
and Curtis Christian go over list of attendees.

[JL-18] Derick Hartshorn and Danny Epperly
gather round the pool for fellowship

[DH-7] Don and LaVon DeCrona

[DH-9] Toby Horn greets Ed Segesser

[DH-10] Ross and Kathleen Maddocks

[DH-14] Ron Swart shares Bill Roberts' retirement pix with Don DeCrona and Ray Cobis.

[DH-12] Gary and Virginia Elliot with Bob Hart

[DH-16] Bill and Irma  Carlsen

[DH-68] Early birds enjoy each other's company

[DH-33] No schedule, no alarm clock...just right

[DH-17] Master Photographer, John Loonam, does his thing





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