34th AOM Reunion - 2008
Charleston, SC


Association of Minemen Board of Directors
[Back, L-R] Dick Schommer, Robert Stancik, Bill Fortner, Bob Wilson, MN3 Kirkland, "Swede" Carlsen, Curtis Christian, Ron Swart, MNC John Reese.  [Front, L-R] Bill Johnson, Warren Savage, Phil Dechene, Bob Hart.


Town & Country Motel announced our arrival


Registration and name tags given out on Friday evening.

A long time ... 50 years!
On the left, I finally get the chance to meet Bill Roberts, Mine Assembly supervisor, NOF Yokosuka, 1955-57. On the right is Dan Priest who relieved Bill in 1957. The three of us recounted my many exploits. Bill said, "You didn't do that, did you, Derick?" to which Dan replied, "Yeah he did, Bill!"


A gathering of the "clock cockers," the minemen with 30+ years service.
These outstanding men are the first generation of minemen!
From left, Jack Smoot [July 1946-May 1989], John Opocensky [July 1942-Sep 1972]
and Fred Reid [Oct 1942-Jan 1973]. Standing behind her man is Millie Reid.


AOM President, Bob Hart conducts business meeting.


[GK-286] George Kovch tells war stories to
 John McNear (L) and Ken Harder (R)

[GK-287] George Kovch and Judy Frazier,
flanked by Larry and LaRee Moir


Saturday Seafood Dinner - a fantastic feast.
John McNear tells war stories to Ken Harder


Phil Dechene, AOM webmaster, works the crowd, getting shots for the web page.


All photos by Derick Hartshorn except those indicated as "GK" which have been provided by George Kovch.


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