One Mingus Family of the
Great Smoky Mountains




Dorothy Elizabeth Moore Bernay

Among the many Catawba Valley families I have researched has been that of MINGES/MINGUS.  It can be confusing for the researcher with two distinct families in the same area: The line of Conrad who settled in what is today's Catawba County and that of George, who settled west of his possible cousin, Conrad. The family of Conrad has been covered in much of the material available in local libraries. The family of George, however,  has been severely neglected until this point. Only recently was the family of George Mingus covered in detail when  Dorothy   Moore Bernay  published "One Mingus Family of the Great Smoky Mountains."  This book is designed for the researcher who hasn't the time or opportunity to search for original records. Never have I seen a resource so replete with copies of original records! Group sheets and time lines account for deeds, land grants and court records that provide a complete documentation of this family. Rarely does a researcher have the diligence to follow the migration of a family in the manner of Mrs. Bernay. Church records, letters and all manner of legal documents trace the line, from George, to his son, Abraham, to the migration of Abraham's  son Richard Ephraim, westward.  To anyone researching this line, this book is a prize of incalculable value.  While one particular family is covered, the researcher will be able to determine the dividing line between the families of George and the families of Conrad. I highly recommend this book.

Derick S. Hartshorn

Soft-cover,  111 pages, 8" X 11"
 Contains a wealth of original document copies,
reference sources and a user-friendly table of contents.
(The binder has a library-friendly spine with the book name and author)

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ISBN: 978-1-300-06180-9

The author, Dorothy Bernay, may be reached by e-mail

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