The Keller Family
The Descendants of Anthony Keller, 1710-1783

A family genealogical experience often begins at a local library, seeking out reference books that hopefully, reveal one's long-lost ancestors. Often met with failure, researchers turn to the Internet hoping that others have provided help.

As a specialist in Western North Carolina genealogy I often wondered what avenue to pursue to find help in researching the KELLER family. Until now, my pursuits have been fruitless as no one seems to have had the time or resources to produce such a needed work.

I recently discovered that a comprehensive study on this family had been completed and the results had been published. I contacted the author to learn more.

As a family history author, I was delighted to behold a work that included a comprehensive history of the German Keller family. Many of the families that migrated from Germany to Pennsylvania and later, to Western North Carolina in the mid-1700's, have been well documented. Until now, the history of the KELLER family has been conspicuously absent from the shelves of libraries and genealogists.

LCDR Darrell Keller has done a marvelous job in showcasing the KELLER descendants of Anthony, the pioneer ancestor. The documentation and color photographs alone are well worth the publication price. I would personally prefer to find a genealogy contained within one volume. In this case, such a history would be completely unwieldly. Commander Keller is to be commended for not truncating his research and providing a complete picture of this illustrious family. The three volumes seamlessly record the earliest history of the family, complete with maps of the family origin, to their voyage to America and their migration to the American South. Twelve generations of any family history is an ambitious undertaking and, in this case, it has been done with attention paid to even the younger members of Anthony Keller's descendants. Available photographs of the 12 generations of KELLERs have been generously placed throughout the three volumes. And all of it in full color on glossy paper. All KELLER family members have a wonderful opportunity to provide a marvelous legacy to their family members with this treasury.

With this collection of living, breathing documents, Keller has emphasized that he would be tailoring these volumes to those who have specific lines. In other words, each series would be unique to the family of those purchasing these three volumes.

The full-name index makes a search quick and the bordered pages makes this set of books a beautiful, "must-have" inclusion to a personal library or a library. I am personally pleased and honored to have the opportunity to recommend this resource.

--Derick S. Hartshorn

These volumes are self-published by LCDR Darrell L. Keller, Jr.

Each volume is thermally bound and has nice, white cardstock (paperback) covers. Since there are many photos and graphics, both volumes are printed in full color. Each volume contains nearly 300 pages, beginning with Anthony Keller in Lettweiler, Germany and descends to the 12th Generation. When an order is placed, the books can be somewhat personalized in that LCDR Keller can make sure the buyer's branch of the family tree is reviewed and updated. He will also add any of your family photos that you wish to add to the work! The Keller Family is fully indexed for quick reference of your ancestors.

The cost for the three-volume set is $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling or if you prefer them digitally, the PDF version is available for $20.00 plus $2.00 S&H per disk.

I accept credit card and bank payments through PayPal or, if you arrange ahead of time, I will accept checks and money orders through the mail.

For PayPal transactions (send to and money orders, the books will be printed and shipped upon payment.

For checks, printing and shipment of the books will occur once payment has cleared the bank (usually 7-10 days after deposit). Unfortunately, because of the nature of self-publishing, all sales must be final.

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