I . . . Hoke Bequeath

by Jean A. (Stiger) Berlekamp

Twenty-six years ago, Jean S. Berlekamp and Hope McConnell published the book, In the Name of God Almighty, Amen. I .... Hoke bequeath (pictured above).The book was the first to trace the descendants of Johann Jacob Hoke (d. 1766). While not all lines were covered in detail, the second edition of the book has become so large that two volumes were required to tell the story of this fascinating family.

The new 2006 ed of I . . . Hoke Bequeath by Jean A. (Stiger) Berlekamp has gone to print. It consists of 1259 pages of text containing stories, pictures, historical accounts, news articles, and genealogical records for the descendants of Johann Jacob Hoke of York County, PA. Each child's chapter contains updated and new material as well as corrections. A 220+ page every name index is also included in the second volume of this 2-volume set.

Part II of the original 1980 ed. has not been included simply because of the sheer size of this collection. Part II contains those Hoke families not yet connected to our Johann Jacob, and those families will be collected into a volume of their own in the next couple years. Information will be announced when that volume is ready.

A few post-publication volumes will be available in 6-8 weeks after the pre-publication volumes have been mailed. Post publication price is $135 plus $12 packaging and postage. Anyone wishing to order a post-publication set may send their order to:

Jean A Berlekamp, 6812 North County Rd 15, Green Springs, OH 44836.

We thank all of you who have contributed to this edition and all of you who have been so patient and sometimes impatient for this set to reach completion. We are very grateful it is in the printer's hands.