The Southern Finger Family
Peter Finger's Pumpkin Patch 1730-1996

by James Avery Finger, IV

Peter Finger, the pioneer founder of the North Carolina Finger family and his descendants are presented in a written fashion that does justice to their distinctive and creative lives.

This is one of the better books that genealogy's formost publisher, Gateway Publishers, can lay claim to. With 488 pages, the index includes the birth and death dates of the entrys,as well as a geographical index. The pages are replete with photographs and reproductions of documents, places and pictures of selected Finger family members.

  Peter Finger (1730-1792) settled in what is today Lincoln County, North Carolina. His descendants continue to distinguish themselves in the same area settled by their pioneer ancestor. Many others have spread out across the nation. All generations have bravely served in the military and excelled in virtually every other endeavor they chose to pursue.

In addition to Jim's account of the Finger Genealogy the book contains the only other account of the Finger family. Authored by Lincoln County Clerk of Courts, Alfred Nixon, this 1903 account has been reprinted in its entirety. Included is a history of St. Matthews Reformed Church which today is St. Matthews United Church of Christ.

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