1. Thomas Hartshorn, the emigrant, of Reading Massachusetts is acknowledged to be the first of that surname to settle in America. Probably from the English Midlands, he arrived between 1636 and 1638, with the great migration of the time.

2. Richard HARTSHORNE, of Hathern, Leicestershire, England and Monmouth County, New Jersey. Arriving in 1669, he was an early Quaker and friend of George Fox. His descendants were notable for their intellect and prominence.

3. James(?) HARTSHORN, of Kent County, Delaware, was born about 1775. His origin is unknown but descendants populated south-east and central Ohio and are very numerous.

4. George HARTSHORN, possibly from Shropshire and later of Kent County, Delaware and Jefferson Co., Ohio. His emigration may have taken place after the Revolutionary War.

5. James Louis HARTSHORN, of Lancashire, England and Havelock, Nebraska visited America before making it his home in 1837. Descendants of this colorful gentleman who lived to the age of 100 today populate Lincoln, Nebraska.

6. Joshua HARTSHORN, of Cheshire, England was one of the original English Mormon emigrés. He and his descendants settled in Utah in the 1880s.

7. William Turner HARTSHORNE, a London surgeon, of Shropshire, England and Junction City, Kansas, arrived in America in 1873.

8. Emmanuel HARTSHORN, of Staffordshire, Monmouth, Wales and Wapello County, Iowa came to America about 1847.

9. Abel William HARTSHORN, of Bolton, Lancashire, England and Kewanee, Illinois came to America in the early 1860's.

11. Richard HARTSHORN, the emigrant, of Shropshire settled in Crawford County, Kansas, arriving about 1881. Many of his descendants continue to live there today.

12. Walter HARTSHORN, the emigrant, of Leicestershire, England settled in Albany County, New York about 1889. His family can be traced back to the 1500's.

13. Wyatt HARTSHORN, born about 1794, possibly from Maine or Vermont, is first found in the 1850 Ottawa County, Ohio census.

14. Thomas HARTSHORN, an English emigré from Clungunford, Shropshire, settled in Wood County Ohio and served in the Civil War. He arrived on Ship Rappahannock from Liverpool in June of 1851.

15. Frank HARTSHORNE, born in 1884, appears with his descendants in Chester Co., PA. More information is sought on this family.

16. Humphry HARTSHORN, arriving in 1911, fought in World War I and settled in Tuskarawas county, Ohio.

17. Aaron HARTSHORN, may be the Vermont ancestor of the family who moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War. Later descendants settled in Sanilac county, Michigan.

18. Thomas Dudeley HARTSHORN, was born about 1842 and served in the Civil War. His father, thought to be Loyal Hartshorn, is of unknown origin.

19. Nathaniel HARTSHORN, suddenly appears in Portsmouth, NH and may be the descendant of a reprieved prisoner sent to America in 1688. No further information exists.

20. African-American HARTSHORNs appear in America before and after the Civil War. Their surname may originate from one or two Hartshorn families that lived in Virginia and Delaware. They appear to have been freed before the war began.

HARTSON. The spelling of HARTSHORN was changed in New England to HARTSON in many different families. The first occurrence was in the early 1800's and has been passed to the present day. Most of these families began in Connecticut and emigrated to up-state New York and westward.

THE OHIO VALLEY HARTSHORNS - Descendants that may have fled England before the Revolutionary War. Perhaps they settled in Kent County, Delaware before removing to the Ohio Valley, to Washington, Monroe, Jefferson and other counties in Ohio and West Virginia along the river. This also covers families of James(?) and George (3&4).

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