The Hartshorn Families in America

A Genealogical Study of the Line of Thomas Hartshorn, the Immigrant,
of Reading, Massachusetts and Other Known Families bearing the
Hartshorn/e Surname Who Arrived in America in Succeeding Years.

by Derick Sibley Hartshorn, III
Published by Gateway Press, Inc.

The Hartshorn Families in America

The first work ever to attempt a single-surname study of the HARTSHORN/ HARTSHORNE/ HARTSON name. Thirteen years of research in the making, this work covers in detail, the known origins of the Hartshorn families from the thirteenth century in England and several ancient lines. The foundation of this work is the record of Thomas, the immigrant, in Reading, Mass. and the settlement of his descendants throughout New England and their westward migration. Later Hartshorn families arrived from England during the succeeding 250 years. An attempt is made to document each of these fourteen families up to the present generation. Thirteen generations are covered as well as many female lines and origins of the early collateral families.



Large--7 X 10 inches, 4 pounds in weight
Smythe-sewn, case bound
840 pages covering 15,000 individuals
51 photographs
120-page, full-name index with surname/maiden name
entries and birth/death dates, where known.
1,400 footnotes.
Roxite hard cover bound with gold stamping
Attractive dust jacket.


There will be no second revision of The Hartshorn Families in America! At least, not a printed version. I am contemplating pouring out my entire archives into a comprehensive collection of family stories data, photo albums origin theories, relationship stories and charts into a single CD.

I want to tell the story of how and why Hartshorns came to America. Why they lived where they did. How they got there. I also want to talk about those who remained behind.

I have gathered several filing cabinets full of information on these Hartshorn families. It includes Hartshorns in the USA, as well as in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere. It includes sixteen linear foot of material from all sources, much of which has been digitized.

What have readers said? .........

"This weighty tome is beautifully presented. Over the next centuries many Hartshorns will find their ancestry laid out in extensive detail herein. .... there is much valuable data between the covers of this book." - New England Historical and Genealogical Register, July, 1998

"The book looks gorgeous!" - Librarian, National Genealogical Society

"...an amazing compilation of material on people who bear the name Hartshorn..." - NGS Quarterly September, 1998

"Fantastic!!!!! I am very impressed with the professional look and content of the book......" - Bloomington, IN

"... a huge, outstanding piece of work...!" - Medford, OR

"You should be very very proud of this book - it is a glorious achievement!" -Urbana, IL

Derick Hartshorn, author and compiler of The Hartshorn Families in America has been involved in genealogy for about 25 years and began this project over thirteen years ago. What started as a curiosity of the family of Hartshorn became a fervent desire to document all persons that shared the name. An attempt to compile genealogical information on the entire Hartshorn surname had never been previously done. This need was taken as a challenge.  Two filing cabinets full of raw data eventually came together, linking families and disclosing hitherto unknown lines. Hundreds of contributors to this work who made the effort possible are finally rewarded with as complete a work as is humanly possible. (From book fly leaf, printed 1997.)

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