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James(?) Hartshorn and his Descendants

1. James (?) HARTSHORN was born about 1775 in Delaware (?). He died after 1821. Virtually nothing is known of the progenitor of the Hartshorn family of southeast Ohio. It is thought that his name was James and that he may have been born ca. 1775, in Delaware. This Hartshorn, whatever his name might have been married 26 Oct 1796, Kent County, Delaware, Ann Meridith who was born 13 Feb 1778, Kent County, Delaware. She was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Griffin) Meridith. (Wills of Joseph Meredith and Samuel Griffin and letter of Ann Hartshorn, dated 17 Jul 1839)

A will of John Hartshorne, dated 10 June 1795 from the same area of Delaware suggests that he may have been the father-in-law of Ann Meridith Hartshorn/e. The Meridiths and Hartshorns resided in the Duck Creek Hundred of Kent County, Delaware. Living in the same area and of about the same age was George Hartshorn. He may be the George Hartshorn who later settled in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.

A letter from Ann Hartshorn, to her eldest son, James, without mention of her husband, lists the names and dates of birth of the children.
Also mentioned are Andrew and Hannah who were living with her. They were possibly the children of her son, Amos.

From 1800 Census of Kent County, Delaware taken 4 Aug 1800 than 1755)

1 free white female under 10 years
1 free white female over 16 and under 26
0 slaves

References to James Hartshorn in Delaware Archives

reference page
JAMES Delaware War of 1812 Archives 695,704,833
JAMES Delaware War of 1812 Archives 21,64,241
JAMES Delaware War of 1812 Archives 855,929,936

James is known to have had service in the War of 1812. His name is found numerous times in the Delaware Archives, both before the war and at various times during and after the war.


Return of Fines - 1st Company, 4th Regiment (A duplicate of fines Incurred in the 1st Company of the 4th Regiment of Delaware Militia on the following Muster Days Viz., 28th & 19 Octr. 1799)

James HARTSHORN 2nd Company Day-28th Sept.
Number of days absent: 1
Amount of fine: $1

I do Certify that the above is a true duplicate of the fines Incurred in the 1st Company of the fourth Regiment of Delaware Militia as forwd to the Commisary of the Brigade. 15 Jany. 1800 PETER FOSTER Capt.

Return of Fines - 3rd Company, 4th Regiment (We the undersigned members of a Court Martial to try the absentees of the third company of the fourth Regiment of the Delaware Militia, who were absent on the Company days of July, August & November and the Battalion Day in October of the past year [1813]-after being duly qualified do return the following persons in the sums annexed to their names.)

James HARTSHORN Company Day-July
Battalion Day-October
Amount of fine: $2

(and on the same report:)
James HARTSHORN Company Day-August
Battalion Day-October
Company Day-November
Amount of fine: $3

We the Members of this Court Martial do find this a correct list of FINES according to the best of our judgement. This 14th Janr. 1814.

3rd Comp 4 Regt. D.M.
January 14th 1814


Sergt. A. Murry,
You are hearby ordered to summons the following absentees of the 3rd Company of the 4th Regiment of Delaware Militia for the current year to the seting of a court-martial which meets at D. Lockwood's in Smyrna on Saturday the 17th of Decr. 1814 that they may have the opportunity of making their excuses if any. You do summons them at least three days before the meeting of said court-martial.

James HARTSHORNE June Regiment
November Company Day

A true coppy of the original rolls of the 3rd Compy. of the fourth Regiment of the Del. Militia given from under my hand this 5th of Decr. 1814.
MR. A. MURRY, 1st Sergt.


James HARTSHORN Amount of fine: $3

We the Subscribers after examine the above List of Deliquents Are of an Opinion that the fines Anexted to the Names of Said Delinquents Cannot be Collected in Witness our hands this 24th day of March 1815.
Robert Hopkins, Colonel.


3rd Company
James HARTSHORN, Bad 1.00

We do hearby certify that we do not beleive that within the List of names returned as delinquents for the Militia fines for the 4th Regt. Del. Can be Collected, given under our hands this 25th of April 1816.

And so it went! James Hartshorn appears to have absented himself from militia duty over a period of at least fifteen years. The theory that he might have died during the war is not supported by his appearance at militia duty at other times. The records indicate that he received no fines for non-appearance during August and November, 1813 and April, July and August, 1815.

Most of his children were early settlers of Ohio but records do not disclose that he ever held residence in that state.

In the 1830 census of Wayne Township, Monroe County, Ohio, an Anne is listed as the head of household with the following:
2 males 0-5 1 female 0-5
2 males 5-10 1 female 10-15
1 male 10-15 1 female 15-20
1 male 15-20 1 female 20-50

This census record could be this Ann and the children that fail to fit the ages of her natural children could be grand children. Her age in 1830 was fifty-two which may or may not eliminate her from being this Ann.

Delaware Marriage Records reveal the following:

Charles Vanderford m. Letitia HARTSHORNE, 31 Dec 1808 (Kent Co. Vol. 18, p 254 (Bond)
Daniel Walker m. Mary HARTSHORNE, c. 1796 (probate record of John Hartshorne - reference A22, p 210)
Joshua Lister of Caroline Co., Md. m. Nancy HARTSHORN of Kent Co., Delaware 17 Oct 1790 (Bond)
Thomas Smith m. Phoebe HARTSHORNE, 6 Mar 1819 (New Castle - Vol. 7, p 189)
John Williams m. Sarah HARTSHORN 16 Jan 1800 (Vol 87, p 237.15 County?-possibly New Castle)

Research on this family continues.

James (?) HARTSHORN and Ann MERIDITH were married on 26 Oct 1796 in Kent County, Delaware. Ann MERIDITH (daughter of Joseph MERIDITH and Elizabeth GRIFFIN) was born on 13 Feb 1778 in Kent County, Delaware. She died after 1839 in probably in or near Graysville, Monroe County. Ann writes (1839) : "I am still living in Samuel's place yet and Ann and Amos to[o]. Samuel was the Hartshorn pioneer of Monroe County. The following is a transcription of a letter written by Ann Hartshorn to her son, James. It was dated 17 July 1839 and provides the first information linking the children that settled Ohio in the early 1800's. The original letter is in the possession of William O. Walker of Lebanon, Ohio.

July 17th 1839

Dear Sone

I again take up my pen to write to you in anser to your letter dated June the 12th 1838. I hope you will excuse me for not writing sooner tho I am yet alive and so that I can set up and go in and out the house with crutches- my hand is unsteady to write myself and therefore I have not wrote and as I have stated that the rest of the family is well, and hope that yours is also well. you speak of concilations to the eflicted in the word of god. it is by realization of his word that I have hope in this life for he hoo has said blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have write to the tree of life and enter in threw the gates into the Sity and by realizing God's word I find that tho every one has been ever so grate a siner that they can by obedience be moved free from the same for paul says sixth chapter 11th verse But god be thanked that you ware the servants of sin but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine is. It is highly proble that we difer in sentiments of religion but we find that obey God threw a principal of love to God and his laws you want to know when I joined Society and when you get religion I have not red in the scripters much about giting relig but by the preaching of the gospel ________ when babtism was used for the remission of sins they that gladly receive the word ware babtized and as it respects myself it is about seventeen years this somer Since I received the word of god as the only roade of faith and practice and was babtised in the name of jesus crist for the remiss- ion of sins and the gift of the holy spirit. This the most I can tell about my giting religion. I will now give you an account of the other afares of my life. I was born February the 13th 1778 in the state of delaware Kent County married the 26th of October 1796 in the same and state the same. now I will give the ages of my children.

James Hartshorn was born October 6th 1797
Amos Hartshorn was born March 24th 1799
Martha Hartshorn was born February the 21st 1808
Jacob Hartshorn was born January the 23rd 1810
Samuel Hartshorn was born December the 29th 1811
Anne Hartshorn was born June the 7th 1814
John W. Hartshorn was born May the 12th 1816
Naomi Hartshorn was born May the 20th 1818
Jesse Hartshorn was May the 3rd 1821

I am still living in Samuel's place yet and Ann and Amos to. Andrew and Hannah is living with me. Jesse is working from home this somer and he expects to go down the river this fall and he wants you if you write to let him no whether you are living where you did or where you are living now, so that he may call when he comes down. I have nothing more partickler to write but I would be glad to see you if you could come posably then I could converse more freely and partickerly upon different subjects so no more at present but remains efectionate mother until deth.
-- Ann Hartshorn James (?) HARTSHORN and Ann MERIDITH had the following children:



James Henry HARTSHORN.






Martha HARTSHORN was born on 21 Feb 1808.









Anne HARTSHORN was born on 7 Jun 1814.



John Wesley HARTSHORN.










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