Second-generation Missourians
From New England Serve in CSA


During a recent search for the lines of my New England family,
I discovered a new and interesting family. While many Hartshorns
continue to reside in the town where they settled in 1638, there were others,
more adventurous than the ones who "moved west," all the way to New York!

This study deals with the family of David5 (John4, David3, Timothy2, Thomas1) Hartshorn.
The Lewis-Clark expedition which began in St. Louis inspired settlers as a place of promise.
Before reaching the age of thirty, in 1818, David left New Hampshire and moved to the St. Louis area.

David HARTSHORN, was born on 28 Feb 1789 in Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire and died on 23 Dec 1844 near St. Louis, Missouri.

The tragedy of David's death left five children, ages one through fifteen, without a father.

He was adding stone work to his house when a large stone which he was carrying up a ladder fell on him. He died from massive injuries several days later. In her letter, dated 4 January 1845, widow Mary (Baird) Hartshorn writes to her brother-in-law, Timothy Hartshorn, in Amherst, the following:

"....I take up my pen to inform you of the death of your brother who died the 23rd of December last. He was building an addition to his house and was near finishing the stone work and unfortunately he attempted to carry a large rock and fell with it which was the cause of his death. This happened on Friday and he lived until Monday night, rational the greater part of the time. Three physicians were called in. The first one gave us great hope that he might recover but I suppose it was so decreed otherwise. He was dreadfully mangled with the rock. It struck him above the temple and raked him down to the breast. His jaw bone broken in two pieces and the color (sic) bone broken also. Nor do I beleive the doctors knew the extent of damage done. He has left five children behind to lament his death...."

David was a soldier in War of 1812 and received 160 acres of land as payment for his services. A few year later, he exercised this opportunity to accept this government grant.. After the war, in 1818, he settled in Missouri, in an area near St. Louis.

David HARTSHORN married Mary BAIRD about 1829. Mary BAIRD was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania and probably died in Missouri about 1850. Together, they had the following children:

+2 i. John HARTSHORN (born on 20 Dec 1830).
 3 ii. Harriet Ann HARTSHORN was born on 18 Jan 1835 near St. Louis, Missouri.
 4 iii. James Henry HARTSHORN was born on 25 Mar 1837 near St. Louis, Missouri.
+5 iv. David Timothy HARTSHORN (born on 21 Apr 1841).
 6 v. Thomas Andrews HARTSHORN was born on 21 Jan 1844 near St. Louis, Missouri. He died on 24 Apr 1864 in Rock Island Prison Camp, Rock Island, Illinois. Thomas A. Hartshorn enlisted 7 April 1862 at Des Arc, Ark. He was captured 10 Sep 1863 in Little Rock Arkansas and was taken to the Gratiot Street Military Prison in St. Louis, MO, 18 Dec 1863. He was forwarded to the Rock Island Prison, Ill., 31 Jan 1864. Ill upon arrival, he entered the Rock Island Barracks Hospital, the next day, 1 Feb 1864. He died 24 Apr 1864, of disease.

As listed in records is this entry from the Rock Island Confederate Cemetery:

HARTSHORN, THOMAS A. PVT, 3rd MO BATTERY, buried 4/24/64 [REMOVED] He was disinterred but his final resting place is yet to be found.
[  - Rock Island County, Illinois -- Confederate Dead at Rock Island]

During the Civil War, over 12,000 prisoners were house on Rock Island (now Arsenal Island) in Rock Island, IL. Of those housed here about 2,000 died from smallpox, pneumonia, and other medical ailments. These men were buried in a separate cemetery located on the eastern end of the island. The staff of the National Cemetery, also located on Arsenal Island, have generously donated a complete listing of all the Confederate Dead located in the cemetery. Thank you especially to Larry Williams and JoAnn Munson for hunting down the information!

Derick S. Hartshorn, portraying his first couson, David T. Hartshorn

  • 5. David Timothy HARTSHORN (David-1) was born on 21 Apr 1841 near St. Louis, Missouri. He was probably buried in Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri. He served in the military in Civil War. Although listed as "Daniel," David Timothy Hartshorn enlisted in Springfield, MO, 28 Jan 1862 in the Missouri State Guard, Co. C, 2nd Regiment, Cavalry, 7th Division. He was elected 2nd Lt. in 3rd Battery, Missouri Light Artillery (McDonald's St. Louis Battery, Mo. Vol., 26 Jul 1862. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 26 July 1862 [UDC Record, State Hist. Soc., Columbia MO]. He surrendered on 4 May 1865, along with 37,000 troops under Gen. Richard Taylor, CDR the Dept of AL-MS-East LA in Citronelle, Alabama. This was the last organized Confederate force to surrender east of the Mississippi.  David was paroled 10 May 1865 at Meridian, Miss. His record was confirmed at the Sixth Annual Reunion, UCV, at the Sedalia Camp #985, Sedalia, MO, 1902, the town in which he lived.
  • David Timothy HARTSHORN and Fannie TURNER were married on 12 May 1867 in Pettis Co., Missouri. Fannie TURNER was born about 1847 in Ohio. Together they had the following known children:

    10 i. John W. HARTSHORN was born about 1869 in Missouri.
    11 ii. Fred HARTSHORN was born about 1874 in Missouri.

    More information relating to this family and the military
    record of the Third Battery will be added it they are learned.

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