by Robert C. Carpenter

The book traces the Carpenter families of Lincoln and Gaston Counties.  Efforts were made to trace descendants into other areas including westward migrations.  Many descendants are found in Catawba, Rutherford, and Cleveland Counties, NC.   The Carpenters were originally German with the surname Zimmermann.  The family arrived into America in 1732 on the Pink Plaisance.  They settled in Lancaster County, PA from their arrival until the early to middle 1750's when they began settling in North Carolina.  Most of the Zimmermanns settled near the present boundary line between Gaston and Lincoln County near present Long Shoals.  Proof has not yet surfaced to indicate how these early settlers are related to one another.  

  In addition to these families an Allied Family Section includes the following family sketches:

Mosteller, Rudisill, Roberts, Beam, Linhardt, Harrelson, Hovis, Weaver, John Crouse, McClurg-McLurd, Boshaar, Bashore, Pasour, Payseur family, Cloninger, Eaker, Plonk, Froneberger, Huffstetler.  


Carpenters A Plenty, by Robert C. Carpenter
Published by Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD
printed 1982 and reprinted 1993.  1,120 pages fully indexed. 

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